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All I want is YOU

"As you undress me with your eyes know that there is more to what you see. Taking in all of my voluptuous glory, you will find no need to look astray; for I am all of yours for the taking. With each beat of my heart and pulsating vein you will know my desire for you..."

Awaken by the realization of my dream. I dreamt of making love, and not just any love...but absolutely so engaged in a trance of love making that I completely forgot the process of starting my day. I almost turned around and closed my eyes once again to visualize my lover. I wanted to remember his face, his name, his body, his scent and everything about him that literally drove me to want to remain in this dream-like state.

It's never easy being awoken from a dream that you want to experience each and everyday. I wonder when will be the next time I will actually experience this moment, but not in want or craving but in an actualized setting of sensual seduction every woman is entitled to experience.