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It's within the delivery the full circle of a message is understood: The Gift of Love

The remedy of sending love and light is the medicinal cure for becoming emotional aware and acceptant of the ability to claim peace and love within your inner circle. It has the ability to extend outwards and in it's expansion it has healed many broken hearts, gray areas of the heart and simply allowed whatever was not being spoken to be realized and released. 
By expressing love more openly, and cultivating friendships, business relationships, work relationships and your love relationships in a way thats receptive of giving and receiving positive interactions all detailing the different ways love benefits and centers all beginning and endings of any relationship. 

I realized love is not to be strangled. It's not to be mixed up with an assortment of many emotions filtering throughout your experience. Communication is to be valued and built on and remains key. Positive reinforcement and validity in ones thoughts helps filter an experience to the best of one's knowledge. Th…

Thank You-

What more can I say and do, to rid myself of these emotions? I turn to others for love and affection, but as intense and defining these feelings are once the moment passes I am left to fend for myself mentally and's a tough world to navigate when you are feeling love lost, but yet the beauty of these moments remain intense. I  felt when you finally release whatever it is you have been holding on to you are truly gifting yourself with the gift of unconditional love. 

Currently I am looking to redeem myself in the eyes of my current love mystery. I am seeking to learn from this happening and experience the world as we know it. I have fallen in love with "Kissmet" so deeply and so truly that emotionally I have come unravelled  and at times I don't even recognize myself. I try to play back in my mind the moment when I realized I was so in love with him that I couldn't ever turn the hands of time back onto our relationship.
I remembered when I initial…

A Lovers Manifesto: Pieces of a heart left unspoken

When everyone looks as if to be the one, no one else looks to fit the mold. When life continues to pelt you with hard rain, you kindly walk forward and embrace the madness. When songs turn into emotional salves, you can't think of any emotions outside of your pain bubble.
You implode 
Even within reason I must never escape the sure facts and test of time. I am learning there is much more to believe and dream of than ever before. 
I am awaiting to be swept off of my feet, to find a lover like never before who not only embraces me but engulfs me to the point of no return. I need to be swallowed by love whole, to be intocicated to the point of bliss. To neither shed a tear or fear my own demise, out of learned lessons and shattered hearts and moments of simple melt downs. I am to escape all the previous heat by wavering no wars, but simply acknowledging the pasts existence and keeping it as it the past. 
To feel that there simply is something more with someone who neither deems…

The Ending has arrived...and So!

You could have...
Perhaps a well detailed message of your inability to be honest with me in the nearest future would have sufficed. Perhaps my truth in how and why I want you so much has constantly consumed me to the moment of confusion. 
Maybe if I allowed myself to explode all my emotional vengeance onto you, then perhaps I could explain why your disappointments as of recently are no longer justifiable. 
When I recieve any form of communication from you, it strikes a pretty serious chord within me. When I fear a response from you, I dread reading your reply, but yet I know it will be freeing of me to partake in some explanation of why you disappointment me so...
I slept soundly in disappointment, knowing that you could neither be close to me or too distant to me in any realm because we will never exist. "I've got an Elastic Heart!"
The reality of this nothing has pushed me to understand that I must allow a memory to simply fade away, but yet I make small attempts to reclaim…

Everyone needs that's moment: The Great Love Escape....

Our time was to be experienced in passing only, although it appeared as if we were destined to be together. Truth be told, I didn’t feel the connective spiritual piece of kismet, but I did feel the life support received at your placement within my life.
It appeared that you were there to catch my heart from its fall. You came into my life at a time when I needed everything but him, and I received greedily everything you provided for me. Within that time nothing else mattered and your transition into my life was easily accepted, as was my former lovers exit.
The chemistry was there, the moments began to matter and I readily accepted that there would be more to come. The days that would turn into shared nights, to weekend events and activities to the art of dating and occupying one another’s space. In a span of a weekend I felt like forever was arriving, and I was ready to receive it, but then the reality of being blinded by passion and so starved for love and attention and affection…

Got A Secret Can You Keep It: Summer Amor

The Universal pull to have everything within your grasp has never been so proven true to me until my recent life happenings, and yet I remain truly graced and thankful and honored for the ability to have life happen to me and for me. It’s as if all my wishes and thought to dreams have all come absolutely true when I trust in the universal pull of life happenings.
A blast from the past afforded me a memory to recollect a time in my life where I was just learning the essence of being an adult, and learning adult relationships and guiding my passions in life as to where they wanted to be, and so the opportunity presented itself and I simply allowed life to happen. This guaranteed nothing, but it expressed everything. I absolutely went with what I was feeling. Emotionally sound for absolutely anything!

I listened. I reasoned. I acknowledged. I validated.

No longer was my past a memory, but it was right before me, and I did not allow my feelings to best me, but I allowed my feelings to grant m…

A Bump In The Road has revealed my love style and passions for you.

A bump in the road is like a imploding groceries eggs cracked on the floor, the oranges went rolling down the aisle and the gallon of milk kindly slide down my leg and pinched my pinky toe, but miraculously it did not burst open. Am I thankful for the accident, or simply in wonderment of where the hell did my luck go?

a SIMPLE mistake could be a costly blow to an emergence of a love like never before.  A reminder that we are no longer just dating ourselves, but we include the wholeness of our partner, and in this inclusion we are bringing along personal passions, personal thoughts and ideas on how their love style is to match, perhaps vibe and at times overwhelm our very own concept of a dual role within passion.

Sometimes I can be selfish, and at other times I can simply want to just please you...but there is nothing like satisfying your very own inner cravings at meeting your most desired passions, or harboring a secret of your lover, in memory of your lover from your l…

It's within your exit that has afforded me the ability to reclaim my L.O.V.E

A lover once presented himself to me, and in his presentation he unfolded in so many which of ways that I no longer could tell where he started and where he ended. And so, as my lover transformed before me and his body movements I could no longer mimic, love style and even love language changed up continually, and yet here I remained consistently confused with my impressions received and regenerated from my limited interactions with him and called this love. Deciding to continue to make my most attempts at deciphering his unique love code I no longer felt my feet on the ground, but my body becoming elevated straight on up in the air, as if my decent upward was a shot straight from the arrows of Cupid. These emotions where chemically induced toxicity, which invaded my entire senses and corrupted everything within me. A few days of interest turned into weeks of unrequited passion to months of burgeoning love to the cold hard fast spilt of a passing year gone bad.
This moment in my lif…

The Passionate Exchange: SelfLess Love

There is beauty within claiming your wildest life passion. There is also beauty in reclaiming the love you feel during spontaneous moments, it’s worth claiming! When you are literally drunk on the passion of natural affinity towards your lover it's an assortment of a dreamy hue of vast colors that all form a distinct blend of your connective bond. A bond that can be seen only by you, because of this artistic imprint everything that you experience is unique only to you. The feeling that the passion and love that is created no longer awaits that idolized one, but can be experienced within each newly assigned embrace.

I am in no need of local anesthetics...

There was a time when I was literally drawn to the notion that there will be one defining passionate experience that will literally move you, and you would simply know that you are destined to be with that person who struck that chord within you...but what I am finding out now is that each person that has represented a significan…

Love is an Industry...

There was this love that simply would not leave me, it was if everything around me would implode if I left love alone, but yet I feared giving myself entirely to love. This love never truly showed me what it was made of. This love limited me to my original idea of love, the love that happened to show me alongside with guide me to researching all my ideas towards love. I never realized how important it was to truly have the love you have always wanted and desired to be given openly, honestly and with ease.

Currently, I have given myself to love and in gifting myself with the idea of love it has become lost to me. Forever an impression on my heart and soul looking to be devoured, there is no one who will understand my battle with love that has left me clearly jaded and my heart hardening, but then comes that moment when the ability to think about love and all the good aspects of love has continuously moved me allows me to have hope in the after effects of compromised situations.

I will…

The Unthinkable: I'm losing Myself...

There are some who will fiend interest or perhaps display genuine interest towards me in their most altruistic displays of wanting to know me further, but yet physically they don’t appeal to me, mentally they can’t even challenge me or give me the satisfaction of well prepared conversation. Spiritually I am at lost, for my soul doesn’t connect to them at all, but with you…I am settled and feel centered enough to find comfort in knowing this because it’s you.

I fancy a new interest, extend myself emotionally in hopes that physically and spiritually there will be a connection, but yet nothing lasts longer then two weeks of intense conversation, but then like everything else my carnal constant craving finds it way back to you. There is nothing that doesn’t center without any given reason and thought around you.

I ask myself…in love there is doubt and grounds for mistake? Why am I graced again with the burden of a troubled heart, indeed I love the build up and the sweet moments in betwee…