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A Universal Love - There is levels to it, but yet one level remains in Question.

The codes for love and when being in love are undeniable. It's as if all these years I have been flying on auto pilot when I love, how I love and with whom I loved. I never truly allowed the depth and intensity of love to entirely seep into my soul. I loved to languish at just the right point of suffocation, when my breathing became labored; my pulse continued to rise and the logical part of my mind was temporarily disabled, until I began to understand the value of a universal love.

 Love Level 1 My family at times could be the center of my frustrations and pains. I could recollect a memory that literally had me laughing uncontrollably, yelling loudly or have my eyes brimming with tears. There is an infinite happiness and sadness with family. You will have upsets and disappointments, moments of complete isolation from one another or banding together throughout the toughest times. However, throughout it all we remain bonded from childbirth to adulthood. It’s within this unconditio…

A Lover's in-depth journey within-

I love you:

There is never a time when my mind doesn't go to you. When my heart is literally skipping several beats when I receive a text or call from you. When I am feeling overwhelmed or lost in a situation and I am needing the freedom to feel and sense of escapism. It's all captured in you. If you could measure the emotional capacity to love, my love for you would transcend any number. I see my life shared with yours. I gift my life and future children to you. I would never leave you. 

I miss you:
Even when I separate from you the day, afternoon, evening to night all revolves around you. Your smile, laugh and scent remains embedded in my mind. I sleep restlessly without you, and it's until I start thinking of you everything within me settles a little more. I hear your name, chase your shadow. Time can go by, and we could have given each other space, but there goes no day or night when I don't envision kissing you.

I like you:
You aren't judgmental, you are intelli…

The Month of love, not confined to just one day 2-14. It's significance and definition within my life-

The month of February has held so many different definitions within my life, that it has allowed this reflective entry to come to fruition.

 This month always was to be projected a "predictive month" be it in my romantic life, dating life and single life. It's as if I focused only on what the month should give to me and represent to me, I had completely forgotten it's lore, because I was set on this particular day defining my love, showing how my love was to valued and thinking that this moment only would confirm and define my relationship.

Love is to be given freely and received openly.

 Once we set our intentions on perfecting love and defining love then we loose the essence of what love really is...

So I journey on this in-depth mission to no longer define my love, but create a love experience that will continue to blossom and bloom.

So will everyone be my Valentine...

 The  #LoveMe Challenge is a way to Learn how to Love me, and Love everyone else who enters my lif…

Serendipity or Serenity?

Harmonious peace is something I have entirely encountered. My emotional stance has remained one of a fixed nature. I am no longer under the impressions of another, and my very waking day is entirely within my choosing. The questions that have centered within my mind have all required me to ask myself once again my thoughts on relationships, romance as it enters and exits my life alongside with needing to be simply selfish and languish within the sweat stained sheets of my lovers persistent, but non sticking passions...

Can I sustain myself in a monogamous state? A realistic question that has nearly stilled me to dig deeper and find an answer to my ever present problem of maintaining an emotional balance and connection with a lover. I can say that my interests dim within the many challenges and changes in a relationship, but to entirely turn the switch off as if nothing ever occurred between me and my lover, is something I am seriously taking a seat to scope out even more.

As I sat dow…