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Love the Highest Love

I walked into my future and in a mumbled tone I stammered out "I met my husband"

As faith and fate may have it there is something universally cooking within the horizon. I am absolutely convinced that as everything is planned and as life goes and may have it I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience my inner most guttural passions and roars.

Kindly allowing myself to accept these emotions and uncanny feelings that continually amount as the days transition into long lonely nights where my mind passionately teases me of what is to be. At that moment when I feared the most of settling and life being too good to be true I allowed the silence to overcome me.

There is no such thing as a chance happening, for if it was a chance you would have knew nothing about it or encountered an experience so moving it literally held you captive in a nostalgic utterance.

I can tell you so many times when I looked behind me and I saw what I formerly held in my pathway but internally…