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To Love: No saturations and settlements to be received or given!

Love is being faced head on within my daily existence and it’s not limited to a lover. Love is waking in the morning and breathing in the breath of fresh air, or extending myself in a yoga pose so deeply I smile with concentration and mastery. Love is sleeping and being nestled deeply within my blankets and knowing that everything is going to be ok. Love knows that there is no pressing moment than this ticking time before me.

As an adult, love has blinded me several times and has passed me by several more times. Lust and desire can play a tricky part within our lives, but getting down to the facts of loving and caring for someone requires a commitment on our part to face each emotion head on and differently with our lover.
When a man loves a woman he loves everything about her, even the little things that gnaw on his nerves from time to time, he still loves her. He remains consistent when communicating with her, and by all means I mean all forms of communication.
Of course in this…

Message in a Bottle: The moment the cork comes out!

Here I am
Having made the most important decision in my world…the moment I decided to give a situation my undivided attention and my best intention on being present and giving of my time.

With each moment I questioned my experience with him due to my many self-evaluations of everything happening with and within me, that I detached myself further from the moment and cast my own shadow deep within fear. I found doubt and troubles within self where there was none. I questioned my own existence and thought plans, but when I reacted to others I was someone not to be contested with.

So here I am with a want that is garnering on a distinct need to know exactly where that pebble resides at now. The same pebble that everyone throws into a lake when breaking a thought, making a wish or simply passing time. I am throwing my pebble into the water and in hopes that the rippled waves will whisper that hidden gem of unanswerable questions.
So I make the choice of giving my all and in knowing that…