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The Passionate Exchange: SelfLess Love

There is beauty within claiming your wildest life passion. There is also beauty in reclaiming the love you feel during spontaneous moments, it’s worth claiming! When you are literally drunk on the passion of natural affinity towards your lover it's an assortment of a dreamy hue of vast colors that all form a distinct blend of your connective bond. A bond that can be seen only by you, because of this artistic imprint everything that you experience is unique only to you. The feeling that the passion and love that is created no longer awaits that idolized one, but can be experienced within each newly assigned embrace.

I am in no need of local anesthetics...

There was a time when I was literally drawn to the notion that there will be one defining passionate experience that will literally move you, and you would simply know that you are destined to be with that person who struck that chord within you...but what I am finding out now is that each person that has represented a significan…