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It's within the delivery the full circle of a message is understood: The Gift of Love

The remedy of sending love and light is the medicinal cure for becoming emotional aware and acceptant of the ability to claim peace and love within your inner circle. It has the ability to extend outwards and in it's expansion it has healed many broken hearts, gray areas of the heart and simply allowed whatever was not being spoken to be realized and released. 
By expressing love more openly, and cultivating friendships, business relationships, work relationships and your love relationships in a way thats receptive of giving and receiving positive interactions all detailing the different ways love benefits and centers all beginning and endings of any relationship. 

I realized love is not to be strangled. It's not to be mixed up with an assortment of many emotions filtering throughout your experience. Communication is to be valued and built on and remains key. Positive reinforcement and validity in ones thoughts helps filter an experience to the best of one's knowledge. Th…