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Should I allow myself to dip my heart or dunk it: Sea of Love

He is swimming in his newly expressed emotions. 
I should make an exception to all your missed attempts, endless stories and loveless lines. I should revisit this situation again?
But yet as I stood seated across from you and allowed my ears to open up to your love stoned words I'm assuming was supposed to excite me and allow me the closure needed to give you the answer you so desperately wanted to hear. An instant response in favor of acceptance of you presently and to forget everything you showed me prior to now…
Listening to everything you put before me and turning over that new stone I guess I allowed myself to accept you for the moment that we presently was in and sail away, sail away…but yet you  received the green light from me and have gone back into the shallow depths of inconsistency.
I tell you these emotional moments can crumble some, cripple most and literally bring to mind the "Fuck this I’m dating my damn self-moments", but yet I remain optimistic to an…

The "It" Factor

Normally when I am experiencing tumultuous emotions based from multiple life happenings, I would generally throw my hands in the air and belt out “The world is coming to an end and I am over it all.”! However, taking a step to reflectively look at each moment I can see the connective cord that kept me hanging on just a little longer.
Kissmet forgotten: Past/Present
My sleeping pattern has started to gather full steam. My constant checking of text messages or calls from you has just about stopped. I am able to tone you out. My day doesn’t start with wonderment of how you are doing, where you are at for the day or your plans and if I am included in them. My sheets no longer hold your distinct cologne scent, nor do my pillows remind me of your missing presence from me. My daydreams and night fantasies no longer star you, at the moment you are guest appearing in my mind and randomly so… I have finally acknowledged that my need for you no longer holds me. I recall a time when sleeping withou…