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Sitting in your feelings: Allowing the emotional waves to touch your toes

I have been going through my most recent thoughts about how we (I) see an individual that interests me, and why (I) should remain calm and in control of myself and emotional set to learn further about the feelings that I have encountered and allowed to seep within.
 The Moment it all made sense
I am amused at the moments when I would get into a fit and become upset when something I was awaiting with that special someone fell through. I never allowed myself to really think about the external factors as to why whatever that was to occur wasn’t going to happen and how to peel my sensitive self from the floorboard and get right on up.
 The Bloggers Gripe
Through out the five years of blogging the emotional upheavals and the downsides of wanting love and wondering about how when in love and dating different personalities one could control and conduct themselves in a way that was almost like an aura beam and centering factor that allowed you to feel, personalize and live through the moment a…

Setting the tone: The Love Experience

When I was in doubt and lost for words I would search for that significant feeling within my emotional set that would allow me to believe that there was something happening within me, that there was literally a steady movement of emotions that led me to be exactly where I am now. That set of feelings that allowed me to enter the present realm and mindset of MY NOW
Facing forward…

The gift of friendship shouldn’t come within confines of control, rules and unwritten codes. The ability to genuinely state the testament of your love for one another should suffice. What I am learning is that love is amazing and has no strings attached to it at all. Just waiting for someone to give you back the gift that you so willingly and continually give with no expectations, is the wait of an eternity; and with this knowledge I learned that simply sending waves of unexpected love, unexpected intentions of the best of and most sought after unexpected happiness matters the most. 
These lessons were figurat…

No limitations or expectations Cloud9: Contentment within the Quality and Courtesy if an overall experience.

The human emotions and psyche closely resembles guarded gates of unknown happenings until one enters pass these gates and begins to proceed forward…
Here I am!

Standing within these formerly guarded gates with a sense of optimism and hope and a sense of daring to dream and continue on dreaming until I have arrived at the destination that I needed to be at.

Life continues to be the blackboard for development and growth for me. I have learned that when interested in something in particular I can become quite the visual daydreamer, and make dreamed of moments matter mostly rather than the reality of it all.

The safety of thinking and over analyzing and coming to some sort of conclusion all on your own excludes the other persons interactions with you on that particular issue, and also, you become your very own champion and cheerleader, believing that what you dream up is in fact an uncontested truth… record scratches and everything gets tossed up!

That is not a reality and in fact it’s…