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I have Arrived: Love Lives Here!

Love has never given up entirely on me! I say that with pride and with amazing hope in the face of my experiences past, present and the unpredictable future. I have never felt so emotionally raw and interrupted as never before, and oddly it’s the most freeing feeling experienced.
I am aware of my main involvement in regards to love within my world, and absolutely becoming saturated in the mask of emotions that wax and wane like the moon! However, knowing what the saturation level of love was clocked at, I decided to take a step back and a stance when attracting newly beckoned romance, or finishing out a sizzling love loss.
I can’t contend with the fact that sometimes love is not concerned with the diminished relationship that was with my former significant other. Love pretty much had left me with no notice and no expected return date. I literally had to learn that closure is a blessing when allowed and received, and it’s not necessarily determined during the initial separation…someti…