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Transitioning the Mind, Body and Soul!

So I asked myself this today as I lay quietly in my apartment, "where are you going?". I asked myself this question, because I know the signs of self change and transition. I can quiet the mind with simple niceties as continued hang outs with family and friends, and the lackadaisical short lived romance spurts. My body at times can become defiant and even rebellious in nature towards some of the non decisions I have made, however, my body soon conforms and turns what was not expected or normal into normalcy. The restlessness of my spirit remains prominent, and each day becomes a shoulder load of confusion. Sleepless nights and doldrums of days lead me to want a resolution for the problems that lead me to reevaluate and filter out the true meanings of my discontent.
I am currently at place where my mind, body and soul are aligned together.Some people would say that is a blessing of sorts, but when one doesn't necessarily want to face change, it can become a hardship of sor…