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Thank You-

What more can I say and do, to rid myself of these emotions? I turn to others for love and affection, but as intense and defining these feelings are once the moment passes I am left to fend for myself mentally and's a tough world to navigate when you are feeling love lost, but yet the beauty of these moments remain intense. I  felt when you finally release whatever it is you have been holding on to you are truly gifting yourself with the gift of unconditional love. 

Currently I am looking to redeem myself in the eyes of my current love mystery. I am seeking to learn from this happening and experience the world as we know it. I have fallen in love with "Kissmet" so deeply and so truly that emotionally I have come unravelled  and at times I don't even recognize myself. I try to play back in my mind the moment when I realized I was so in love with him that I couldn't ever turn the hands of time back onto our relationship.
I remembered when I initial…