Why is it that we hold on to toxic people and relationships? Why is it that we think we can redeem those who need redeeming? Why is it so hard to leave some people alone? At times I throw all of these questions at myself, when outcomes like I recently experienced (a whirlwind of a friendship and relationship goes sour). When you feel they are redeemable, you give them time, and in time their true personalities come out and they in turn become mild reminders of what you don’t want in your life anymore. I can’t hide this fact and many more actualized happenings and recent events; however, I can say this for sure my mind is made up and you are no longer a reason to mind.

Toxic people are not to be reasoned with. Toxic people are to be flushed out your very system. This should be my personal morning motto and quote to myself, to keep me from sending or receiving any form of communication to this particular someone. I finally came to terms with my inability to see a difference in emotions and response from this assumed potential partner. Was my need to bond and initiate and build something with someone so intense that I was blinded by reality? Which was in fact me being impressionable and wanting that close and tight knit connection once previously experienced, which feels like light years ago but to date nothing has even came close to that relationship and point in my life.

The downside of these occurrences all relates to the cycle of unhealthy relationships, and why I choose to entertain some and never truly put the perspectives of why I just don’t want to develop and continue on seriously with them. A season finale is needed I say!! So with this fact-finding and self-assessment I believe I have reached my point and limit.

So closing that chapter on you, on me I have set myself free. Good Bye.


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