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Carnal Instincts: The Passion within exists

I have collapsed into the natural rhythm of answering a want, need and desire. Come to find out, this want, need and desire is a packaged deal. This want, need and desire have occupied my days and night’s, and this want, need and desire is not a representative at all. This want need and desires are the REAL deal; which has created a duality of emotions and thoughts to start running into one another becoming unnerving and exiting at the same time.
My objective as always is to put my needs first and to take in consideration nothing outside of self when it comes to the physical craving of my carnal instincts, but when my mind is seduced to the point of no comparison and return!
Oh Boy!!

Well I am giving into the mind seduction, which is creating a tidal wave of emotional openness and being receptive to new happenings…and I’m readily writing about this occurrence, which is literally in the melting pot of my current life status and situation. My thoughts have cooled and calmed and are e…

It was ALL a Dream : Fade To Black

I clasped the phone a little tighter. I allowed the conversation to linger just a little longer. I was seething with a rhythmic passion, as I imagined you beside me as you dipped your head a little closer. I closed my eyes and leaned into you a little more wanting your lip moisture more than ever, as the conversation continued my face began to become flush, my breathing was sensually labored and my legs began to outstretch and beg to be touched, centered and spread widely apart. I was aching for your touch as I cradled the phone to my ear a little tighter my fantasy was beginning to take flight until his tone stunted my world.

The more he spoke directly into the phone the more my passion bubble popped. I started seeing him in another light, and well understanding and adhering to an individuals daily planning can tame heightened passions just so far, and well my passion meter was writhing with doubt and defeat.

It was like cold water showered evenly on my head. I wasn’t entirely prep…