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It's Your World

I won’t pull back!
 In fact, I am not backing down at all. There have been times when unanswered questions have crossed my mind years later. Desires that needed further probing and discovery, intimacy that was left unturned; wants and needs left to be desired after. You can never find this in another if you haven’t discovered your own personal openness to your very own intimacy and passion levels, how can you expect it from someone else?
The mantra I was rolling with was harboring no feelings of attachments and longed for desires, because life simply wasn’t set up for that existence when I thought about. Basically, I could be a dreamer, a lover, a romantic, a sinner and a saint. I could be your best dream or worst nightmare; it is whatever it’s going to be. I could not plan anything beyond the time frame I already existed in; I absolutely held no care or concern over being in absolutely control. All I can guarantee is my participation in this adventure.
It had become a key ingredien…

A lover's death with the past

I have once again thrown myself into my own enclosed life happenings which have all evolved around semi planning, constant daydreaming and channeling my inner golden tube of creativity and self awareness of exactly who I am, and whom I’m becoming. I am in awe and adoration of HER “Me”, and so I started the year loosely cutting the ties of experiences that haven’t kept my interest, but contented me enough to wet my appetite for rekindled romances that are forever stunted in their start to finish, and as each bond was severed I started to remember why the bonds had been broken and why it has become convenient to rekindled such fallen attempts at love, because disappointment is best served chilled, and apparently I was already one cup in!
He was someone I could see the present and future with. He was someone that I spent numerous travel hours with. To and from our homes cities to our planned getaways, it was like nothing else mattered, but our inability to compromise on balancing our re…