It's Your World

I won’t pull back!

 In fact, I am not backing down at all. There have been times when unanswered questions have crossed my mind years later. Desires that needed further probing and discovery, intimacy that was left unturned; wants and needs left to be desired after. You can never find this in another if you haven’t discovered your own personal openness to your very own intimacy and passion levels, how can you expect it from someone else?

The mantra I was rolling with was harboring no feelings of attachments and longed for desires, because life simply wasn’t set up for that existence when I thought about. Basically, I could be a dreamer, a lover, a romantic, a sinner and a saint. I could be your best dream or worst nightmare; it is whatever it’s going to be. I could not plan anything beyond the time frame I already existed in; I absolutely held no care or concern over being in absolutely control. All I can guarantee is my participation in this adventure.

It had become a key ingredient in the mixture I was creating for myself. The mixture was based on my findings of simple pleasure and enjoyment, not wondering about anything I wasn’t personally invested in. With that being said there was no mention of long-term relationships with preparation for what our shared future would look like. My life had transitioned to basically understanding the world in a matter that was ME inspired.

I can taste you on my tongue.
I absolutely will not hold back from the physical impact of pronounced chemistry!
I will not define my desire for you, because it simply exists.

I’m not sure if you know the passionate hurricane you stirred deep within…


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