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Romance: Is it a topic to desire for, or a topic to be desired for?

When I think of romance I think of cupid. I see pink, red, white and a whole assortment of colors. I hear music that beckons for one to instantly turn off the lights and make passionate love. BUT WAIT!!! It was all a damned good dream!!
When you think of romance what comes to your mind? Is it to desire or to be desired for? In relationship to this particular question I think about my many experiences with romance.
At one point in my life romance was to be desired for. I dreamed of romantic nights and days, passion filled exotic and erotic experiences. I felt like romance was an all you can eat buffet! One could never consume too much of it, and the bill for romance was just right.
Is romance something that is a subtle buzz in the human existence during life? Is romance somehow entrenched into out DNA? What the hell is this desire mess!! Romance may appear all consuming and all passion and good feelings (orgasms later), however, romance in itself is a challenge and something that takes…

Letting Yourself Go. A Definitive Personal Life Lesson And Experience.

Having a successful relationship takes a lot of work and effort. When you begin to break the dynamics of your relationship down into generalized categories, you then begin to realize that your relationship dominates a major part of your life.
Some of the questions that we may ask ourselves is how can we maintain a successful relationship, and remain balanced in other sectors of our life (work, friends, school, family life).
When I was in my early twenties, it was very difficult for me to maintain my relationship, outside friendships and family life. I became consumed with attempting to be the idolized girlfriend. Linda Carter (Actor who played Wonder Woman) had nothing on me. As my attempts at relationships faltered, I soon began to notice that having a sense of balance and personal stability would not just come from having a relationship, but having the ability to balance myself. I venture to say that I am still attempting to find that balance. Life continues to present so many experi…