Romance: Is it a topic to desire for, or a topic to be desired for?

When I think of romance I think of cupid. I see pink, red, white and a whole assortment of colors. I hear music that beckons for one to instantly turn off the lights and make passionate love. BUT WAIT!!! It was all a damned good dream!!
When you think of romance what comes to your mind? Is it to desire or to be desired for? In relationship to this particular question I think about my many experiences with romance.
At one point in my life romance was to be desired for. I dreamed of romantic nights and days, passion filled exotic and erotic experiences. I felt like romance was an all you can eat buffet! One could never consume too much of it, and the bill for romance was just right.
Is romance something that is a subtle buzz in the human existence during life? Is romance somehow entrenched into out DNA? What the hell is this desire mess!! Romance may appear all consuming and all passion and good feelings (orgasms later), however, romance in itself is a challenge and something that takes a lot of skills and many many failed lessons to easily and readily understand and clearly define romance. Romance will mean many things to many people, but all in all, romance will mean one major victory to the one desiring for and seeking to desire for.
I am always fascinated with how everyone else views and experiences life's daily's in's and out's especially relating with one another. Romance can bring out so many human emotions in people. When one desires romance they will do any and everything to obtain it. Romance can compel one to pursue their ideal or significant other in such a way, that they are blinded by their passions.
Romance has guided me to want to know my lover more. Romance has triggered the inner sexual goddess in me. Romance has allowed me to travel to seek my passion. Blinded by my passions and love, I have exposed myself to my lover. I have allowed myself to lower my guards and trust another. I laid back and let you become one with me, blinded by passion and desire. I have traveled and met you at different locations and fell into step because of my desire for you.
So I have desired and desired for. I have experienced romance at many levels, and continue to experience romance. Tonight this word triggered a lot of feelings and passions within me. Tonight I expressed what romance seems to be, and defined it ever so lightly.

Lesson 2:
A glimpse of romance, can open up one's passions and desires. Romance appears to be something that everyone chases, but something that everyone can't hold onto or for that matter explain and express. So when you get romance and experience that desire and desire for it, then you will begin to openly feel and express those passions. Intensity at ALL LEVELS!


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