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A new found passion and life mission.

If you could foresee your future in times of uncertainty, would you want to know? I have always held a sense of impatience with simply just waiting around for life to just happen. Although I am aware that we put in the necessary legwork in general to get the wheels turning, but really who has time for that in a day and age of instant gratification and appeasement? Well apparently I have the awareness within and the gathered patience that rendered my 2013-year full of surprises and long-term transitions. 2013 appeared to be the year of self-recognition. The mistakes from past have all healed and bought to form a recognizable difference within me. I cannot force life to undo itself or reveal its intentions. I have made amends with the power of words and my usage of it. Having determined that faith and guidance was no longer a spiritual reference, but something in life that always occurred even when unknown. The inevitability of life escaping right before my eyes within the tight gras…

Cheers to the past, hello to my present and I await you future.

If only I had truly listened to you. I listened over you. I listened through you, but I never gravitated to entirely hearing you. I never understood the depth of your deception. I never realized just how much your needs outweighed my very own. In my hopes that you wanted me, I was stuck in a naive dream and in this dream you countered everything I saw of you. I saw your selfish ways, I saw your stubborness and your ability to entirely take control of my conversation and very own thoughts. I was willed to want you from a sense of self depricating life lessons, that was unwillingly learned and taught. Now I have found the time to really appreciate what and whom matters to me the most. A lover who absolutely is into me. Into me in a sense of making sure that I am ok, I exist and that I am healthy and truly stable within my day. A lover who sincerely wants to create life with me, and build around me. A restored fortress of two lost souls looking to submerge in unity of a newfound day and …

In my own WORLD

Although I walk to the beat of my own drum, it continues to sample your rhythmic hues! I can absolutely say that my weekend was best expressed and summed up in the nook of his arms. Yes, I absolutely enjoyed him nestled behind me and curling deep within me. It was like breathing and drinking deeply at the same time. Hard to do, but even harder to experience, so when you have the opportune time and moment to remain clasped to your lover I would definitely say take advantage of it! As the New Year slowly start to echo it's arrival to me, I have become captivated by the middle and ending of my 2013 year. The monotonus moments, endless mood swings and the tremendous changes in my thoughts and outlook. Although I have written numerous blogs and provided serious counseling sessions in the relationship and romance and dating departments at that time in my life I still hadn't capitilized on my own individual journey. I have struggled with being extremely imperfect in an imperfect w…