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The Lover in ME

Take over...absolutely an endless tour of all the available love muscle values in the name of L.O.V.E

This emotion is neither too easy nor distinct to be defined by just a simple relationship experience, a lusty happening or a budding romance.

To date there have been many emotions associated with my heart and how it's receiving and at times reviving it's interest with significant or potential other(s)...there is not one feeling that can define each experience and with knowing this my heart remains on the go for it has not found anyone that is allowing a set emotion to distinctively develop.

There is beauty in holding back and not being emotionally available or receptive to just any appearance of genuine interest. A clouded mind is the worst possible situation to have. The inability to mingle and mix experiences, and also, compare and contrast the emotions who's and who has not struck a cord within you...well all of this would not be possible when the mind is under singula…

Within the Chaos

I want to be dismissive. I want to rely on all the mixed messages and intentional slights and doubts caused by the lover whose best intentions offers me the worse comforting feelings.
I want to hear the heart broken never ending up and mostly downed love fanaticism that exists between the worst of lovers.
Is it within this comfort that my madness simmers? I literally am propelled to chaotic heights suitable for the ultimate love trickster.
But yet this doesn’t soothe me with the endless nights and incredibly vivid dreams. Wine drunken stupors of violent endings, but yet I vilify you just to make due.
I can’t even sink in the darkest of doldrums riddled with hate and disinterest. Even when I attempt to be mischievous my bleeding heart wails for you. I can embrace and entice another, but my mind is only on you.
Why is it when you instantly feign interest with another your world slowly crumbles slowly, ever silently and unbeknown to you.

How will I ever right the wrongs

My thoughts are at war with the obvious…it’s just not happening how I had hoped for, expected and planned. Disappointment has set in and the idea that this was all a cruel dream has pulled all my heartstrings.
I have been on my most improper and nonchalant behavior, but do you think this would even put a damper in the feelings of utter rejection that have been created by my simplest thoughts of you.
Another fantasy short lived. Another imagination full of unlimited hugs and kisses. The thought of “there is more” the belief that it was mutual and experienced at the highest level no longer exists. I pardon my hurt, my inner doubts and my desire to erase everything I have known and know of, because yet I still remain hopeful that you and I will exist.
The utter reminder of my past experiences and how presently perfect you remind me of my former loves…everything cant be happening as so and if so what am I to learn from this heart ridden sorrows?

I guess not everything needs to be explai…

Best Intentions.....Not to Think to much!

In all fairness you should be able to seek out love as if you vying for vengeance. The love answer searched for and desired should enclose your entire world and being. Give you a reason to stop? Absolutely not!

At the present moment my need to finally exhale, let my hair down alongside with nurturing a feeling only a safety net of a budding and developing something could herald over me, and just when I feel the comfort begin to set when realizing my interest have been piqued here comes my intuitive feelings and instincts.

All at once I feel overwhelmed with the thought that perhaps this is yet another disappointing experience that might lead me to another path less traveled on and more likely to annoy me more than ever, but as with everything I am giving these hard felt moments the benefit of doubt.

Maybe I am rushing the obvious...simply remain partial to friendship, the interrupted life moments that allow you to continue on with your daily without wondering about the why and wherea…