Best Intentions.....Not to Think to much!

In all fairness you should be able to seek out love as if you vying for vengeance. The love answer searched for and desired should enclose your entire world and being. Give you a reason to stop? Absolutely not!

At the present moment my need to finally exhale, let my hair down alongside with nurturing a feeling only a safety net of a budding and developing something could herald over me, and just when I feel the comfort begin to set when realizing my interest have been piqued here comes my intuitive feelings and instincts.

All at once I feel overwhelmed with the thought that perhaps this is yet another disappointing experience that might lead me to another path less traveled on and more likely to annoy me more than ever, but as with everything I am giving these hard felt moments the benefit of doubt.

Maybe I am rushing the obvious...simply remain partial to friendship, the interrupted life moments that allow you to continue on with your daily without wondering about the why and whereabouts of your potentially budding lover friend, but then again I wonder why should I trust my instincts and my heart felt inner emotions when they are at large unsettled and all over the place and at best complicated and excessive.

I simply continue to pray for the relief of my emotions, and the acceptance of allowing my mind and heart to remain in unison, but no longer complicating any matters with thoughts about thoughts as if a storyline is reading like a bestselling crime novel. As I breathe this breath in just just now I am freeing my mind from it's emotional hold and pull.

So YES I will experience these uprooting emotions all at once, but I must and will honestly confront my feelings even if the projected recipient of my buzzing interest and love doesn't necessarily seem receptive to "The Talk"...

It feels good to release that mental blockage and sweep the pathways of love clearly and ever so presently.


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