The Lover in ME

Take over...absolutely an endless tour of all the available love muscle values in the name of L.O.V.E

This emotion is neither too easy nor distinct to be defined by just a simple relationship experience, a lusty happening or a budding romance.

To date there have been many emotions associated with my heart and how it's receiving and at times reviving it's interest with significant or potential other(s)...there is not one feeling that can define each experience and with knowing this my heart remains on the go for it has not found anyone that is allowing a set emotion to distinctively develop.

There is beauty in holding back and not being emotionally available or receptive to just any appearance of genuine interest. A clouded mind is the worst possible situation to have. The inability to mingle and mix experiences, and also, compare and contrast the emotions who's and who has not struck a cord within you...well all of this would not be possible when the mind is under singular focus.

Taking a step back and accepting the fact that everyone who enters your circle is neither an instant or long term hit, and that the beauty in balancing and viewing everyone who presents themselves to you is a unique aspect and tribute to your belief that eventually there will be that one who will make everything previous and presently a distant factor.

So, I have decided to continue to pace myself and express my interest, but not allowing a speckle of interest to out weigh the long term benefits of a newly found me and you.


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