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Where My Eyes Fell.....

My eyes fell onto something entirely new to me. The focus was no longer entirely on vying for information from our exchanges that had held me in a stagnant stance, and left me sifting through the remnants of our compromised relationship to expect anything more.

My eyes fell onto someone who shared similarities and interests as I. Our eyes danced over one another allowing the deepened connection to finally meet, and in our greeting the world appeared to have opened before our very own eyes.

My eyes fell onto somehow, in which I calculated that there was no possibility I could finally feel the sense of common interest, shared values and future developments…I actually began entertaining the possibility of a tomorrow.

My recent experience has spurned the poet in me. I finally have come to a point in my life where I actually feel as if everything has settled before me. The rise in emotions, sensations and concerns all have settled. My ability to just exist and know that everything will…

Mutual Beneficial and Lasting.

What was the rush for? Did I really think that everything could just mold and place itself without any work or effort put into it? Could everything be experienced, felt and explained in all one setting? What exactly was I expecting to encounter from life simply passing me by whenever I was before someone who presented their best intention towards me?

There was a time in my life when I could not even answer these questions fully. I would simply state what I knew to be true...which at the time meant nothing more than surface responses. I wanted everything to simply happen and fall into place. Everything had no defined meaning, and anyone could include you. No clear guidelines, pathways or flags calling my attentions and focus on a particular object. Even with wearing blinders for so many years, my eyes starved for just that glimpse of something more.

Well nothing falls just in place. Nothing is ever that ideal of fit...there will be times in life when everything is out…

Allowing my body to naturally call to you…


Dear CUPID.....

Dear Cupid,

I actually believed that out of the entire year, your reported month of love and significant day of the 14th which featured hearts and candies signified the start of a relationship and its blossomed rhythm. Little did I know that Valentine’s Day was another way of allowing one’s daily intentions and strife’s with finding love and their ideal partnership just another battlefield?

The truth of the matter is…love shouldn’t be isolated to one day only. Love should be celebrated on a daily basis and not just encompassing our significant others, but everyone we come into contact with. However, for written purposes I will only speak of the love that is valued between couples who found, rekindled or reclaimed their love for one another.

The pressure to fit into this month of red and pink, candies and kisses appeals to not just anyone, but everyone who is on the singles prowl, in between dates and dating prowl, or unsatisfied with their current prowl. The month of February sales …