Allowing my body to naturally call to you…

There is nothing like a fixed state of emotional interdependence. There is nothing like knowing that my mind, body and soul have remained connected on many levels and all fields to you. Whoever you are, you have already captivated my heart. Former casualness and “just being” was once a way of remaining intimately and emotionally connected with “the act” that encompasses it all. The tying string, and connective piece that allowed for a false sense of togetherness up until now. The string has been cut and the pieces are melting away.

New ideas and new interests are drawing these feelings of new wants and needs. The new interest is in dating and learning how to openly enjoy the company of an interesting personality, bundled with not having too many expectations and demands each other. The feelings experienced and expressed are focused on remaining patient, open minded with my expectations and overall wants. Piecing all of these experiences in and enjoying that looked for and desired relationship and romantic life is the projected outcome.

So I write to you…my soul mate and lover to be. On this date I look for you. Clear as day and dark as night…your existence stills me. It encourages me to continue on in pursuit of pure adoration, love and the beauty of a shared union. The future remains bright and my truth. 


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