Where My Eyes Fell.....

My eyes fell onto something entirely new to me. The focus was no longer entirely on vying for information from our exchanges that had held me in a stagnant stance, and left me sifting through the remnants of our compromised relationship to expect anything more.

My eyes fell onto someone who shared similarities and interests as I. Our eyes danced over one another allowing the deepened connection to finally meet, and in our greeting the world appeared to have opened before our very own eyes.

My eyes fell onto somehow, in which I calculated that there was no possibility I could finally feel the sense of common interest, shared values and future developments…I actually began entertaining the possibility of a tomorrow.

My recent experience has spurned the poet in me. I finally have come to a point in my life where I actually feel as if everything has settled before me. The rise in emotions, sensations and concerns all have settled. My ability to just exist and know that everything will occur as warranted and no matter what the outcome is to be I will remain untroubled, uncompromised and just as stronger as can be.

It was a good thing taking a chance.

Life is a dream.

Life is a risk

Take it!


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