How do I Breathe?

My mind is fixed on an expected reaction and response. My experience is presenting something else different thus far. My mind's best intentions are gateways into a lost world of emotional incompetence.

How do I possibly shed some of the veil from my eyes as well as my heart? How could I possibly allow the smallest entryway of another's interest to captivate me without the fear of the tug and war of my position within the start of the relationship.

I actually am allowing my individual hang up's and hold out's to burden me.....

So checking into my now and current situation I have come across an interesting opportunity. The opportunity has presented itself in such a way that has allowed me to look forward to starts and solutions and the overall happenings and outcomes of the situation. The situation that is being created has caused a little stir for me. Of course we aren't suppose to compare and question each and every experience we may have, however, I expected a projected outcome to occur and it just didn't happen. I started to feel a bit deflated and have a less than desired for response, but then again I went back to comparing and questioning and realized in the end that each and every experience regardless of some similarities will always remain different, distinct yes, but different.

So in stating this and knowing that just maybe I am allowing past circumstances to present into my present situation; I have defeated my best intentions and future optimistic behavior already. So with that being said, I have decided that I can not possibly allow this to happen and I must move forward into a progressive state of stillness and nothingness. Freely flowing and allowing insight and stillness to guide me.

So I am allowing it to begin...


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