No set answer, no single pathway or road…You Define your experience!

Who ever coined the phrase “You will know, when you know” must not have experienced the knowing of several factors of the unknown. At first we identify with a feeling and tie it into an expected emotion and response. Having already defined the “expected” experience for ourselves, however, another option of how to handle the unknown and here enters an opportunity for a new way of seeing things and newly defined outcomes which then throws the first initial feeling and response of “Knowing when you know…” right out of the window.

I could possibly look at these moments as simply not really knowing whatever I think I should know, but then once I become familiar I then take the time to examine and redefine already steady life occurrences that was absolutely cluttering my mind with complexities of phrases and sentence forms all too impersonal to speak about. I wanted a reaction for each action I embarked on. I wanted to know that there was a possibility in things that perhaps initially only received the “to be expected outcome”. I finally wanted to know that there was no exact path to take, just my willingness to want to redefine and rediscover it all again.

So then again I am thrown into the mindset of perhaps I can’t know or prepare and expect anything in life; and that every chance meeting and opportunity that presents itself already was charted in my life and that all that was left to do was experience and define my yellow brick road.

From the upsets and disappointments to moments of endless dreams and occurrences I realized that going according to what I believe and expected to happen and occur is not necessarily the ideal way, but it is one of the ways to look at things and not the only objective and expected outcome.

So overall I may know what I know when it may happen for me, but I do know that it’s not the only experience that will lay an impression on me, and I can not only rely on one opportunity and expected outcome only. I must and WILL branch out.

Good-bye to feelings of guilt and good-bye to feelings of being exclusive and obligated to one. Happiness was never granted by one person, and for one to attempt to tie up your entire ALL with their displays of attention and affections, well it’s a bit off putting.

Whoever coined the phrase “Don’t place all your eggs in one basket” surely knew exactly what I was writing about. 


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