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Monogamy over Monotony You choose!

It took having a pretty hectic work day and sensing I needed a time out stress reduction break with the benefits of easing my mind and tension from the start of the day by simply focusing on my breathing and truly centering myself, before I began to sort out just exactly how my day was going to transition into later on in the afternoon. My mind can easily become cloudy and my thoughts can lose attention truly when my mind begins to take a detour and wonder about the ways of others and their involvement with and within my life. At the end of the day I have choices and not just one choice, but several decisions that I can make all based on what I am feeling, where I am headed and what I would like to experience within my life, and at this point of realizing this I simply let the moment go and found my focus once again.

I don’t dislike dating, I truly enjoy meeting someone of interest and depth and going through the formal get to know you stages, but at this very moment I realized that…

AGAPE and EROs: The 2016 Journey start when in L.O.V.E

The adventure begins within I begin to narrow down the details of what it takes to exactly appease me more and more my world and mind has become centered towards the workings and wonders of AGAPE...the unconditioned spiritual love that knows no abounds. Clearly in a world where the focus is either over synthesized, over sexualized and over emotionalized there is nothing that we can entirely do to escape the emotional pitfalls and waterfalls of a loving life.

I currently stand in between Eros and AGAPE... 
Within Eros I am attracted to everyone, and within my attraction there holds no deep appeal or plea to reason as to why my attraction level reached so high with these particular individuals or the identified ONE for the moment. Eros simply eludes me to these want to know more facts, but yet Eros completely surrounds me with a sense of symbolism. Within instant attraction and honoring the love within the loves there gratification simply exists within the moments and simply…