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TIME is the Ultimate healer of all: Learning to age and love with grace.

Noticing in life everything happens within reason, and that there is a sense of responsibility and control we must have in order to see our most interesting life and circumstantial outcomes to occur; we have to experience life in every given moment. So in this given moment I decided to progress forward within my life experiences. Everything is up for review within the eyes of others, but within my very own eyes I have already decided that this moment in my life I will pursue and go forward with what has been naturally planned. The fear and doubt that resides within me will always surface to the top, but the design of my life and most passionate physical and mental connected experience to date has arrived, and I am already at this station ready to hop on this life train!

When reviewing my previous state of mind throughout my 32 years of living and loving life, and looking back at partnerships, relationship and intimate experiences that have left me emotionally available and open for …

Tasting of the Divinity of a truly Passionate Soul experience...Can I handle it?

A connected force of a shared union can be pulling to the point of a choked hold. As I stand amidst the potential ruin before me, I must admit that neither a sense of fear or defeat comes over me.

I could allow these moments to literally define my current life situation. The passionate embraces and clipped times spent together could add up and branch out into something, but am I willing and patient to see whatever this situation is developing into?

As with life we take chance moments and happenings for granted. We become greedy and get a sample of something that intrigues us and we instantly devour it. We don't allow the natural state of digestion to settle in or the feelings that occur when we ingest and really allow our taste buds to hone in on why this taste so good. 

This analogy I associate with life and my intricate take on passion and my romantic stance and life. Even when the fruit is forbidden we don't take time to ingest the most sweetest and bitter parts. We greedily s…

Like the Lotus Flower: Faithfulness...rising above the murky waters for the achievement of enlightenment.

When there is no worry or concern or care you will notice that all of your decisions are no longer based entirely from a logical point, but they are based from the mind eye and the heart. Genuine are your responses and feelings to anything that will stimulate a response that deepen your receptiveness to anything or anyone that visually engages you.

If you could gather the feeling of floating in air, or walking through fire perhaps you would understand just how emotionally entangled and committed I have become. Clearly my logic and cares have abandoned me, but yet as disruptive as these feelings are I have welcomed them without any cause for concern or alarm.
When placed in a happy space and position with life you welcome anything that brings a smile upon your face. Whenever I made attempts at deciding how life would occur and happen for me, I noticed life simply stalled and cut off on me. It wasn’t fair to be going through these life motions, but in order for me to be perfectly presen…