Tasting of the Divinity of a truly Passionate Soul experience...Can I handle it?

A connected force of a shared union can be pulling to the point of a choked hold. As I stand amidst the potential ruin before me, I must admit that neither a sense of fear or defeat comes over me. 

I could allow these moments to literally define my current life situation. The passionate embraces and clipped times spent together could add up and branch out into something, but am I willing and patient to see whatever this situation is developing into?

As with life we take chance moments and happenings for granted. We become greedy and get a sample of something that intrigues us and we instantly devour it. We don't allow the natural state of digestion to settle in or the feelings that occur when we ingest and really allow our taste buds to hone in on why this taste so good. 

This analogy I associate with life and my intricate take on passion and my romantic stance and life. Even when the fruit is forbidden we don't take time to ingest the most sweetest and bitter parts. We greedily swallow whole and hope for the best, but when an upset stomach or gas occurs we finally take the time to see just what caused this issue.

So as many times as I can talk myself into a situation and definitely out of a situation, I can easily learn to take time and understand it. When people enter your life you have to honestly tell yourself that nothing is forever, and although we as human beings have the tendency to see life in hours, minutes and seconds to days, months and years; that temporary forever still remains nonexistent, because at any moment what we once knew and had and cherished could be removed right before our eyes.

So does this explain my greed with wanting to swallow life whole? I don't want to sink into the depths of understanding, when the discomfort, upset and irritation of knowing could be harmful and hazardous to my sanity and health, but yet I want to succumb to the limiting feeling of existing and just being, without getting to the absolute bottom of the experience and working my way right back up towards the top. It's at the root life begins and ends. 

I am challenging myself to be uncomfortable, to stand corrected to absolutely get to the bottom of each situation and reason as to why people enter my life. The more I am becoming absolutely comfortable in my very own surroundings and my own company and space, the more I am learning that this inner peace extends outside of yourself and the very walls you are working to break down.

As to the situation of romantic heights, I am afraid yes, but I am willing to allow life to unfold before me, but not with blinded eyes, or rose tinted lenses, but with big beautiful green eyes. I have the ability to remain whole and complete and intact, but I also have the ability to allow myself to be pulled in many directions, lose focus and go unguided, but I won't allow the untested and uncharted ways of my life and the world to have a handle on me. 

I remain open to tasting a love so deep!


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