Like the Lotus Flower: Faithfulness...rising above the murky waters for the achievement of enlightenment.

When there is no worry or concern or care you will notice that all of your decisions are no longer based entirely from a logical point, but they are based from the mind eye and the heart. Genuine are your responses and feelings to anything that will stimulate a response that deepen your receptiveness to anything or anyone that visually engages you.

If you could gather the feeling of floating in air, or walking through fire perhaps you would understand just how emotionally entangled and committed I have become. Clearly my logic and cares have abandoned me, but yet as disruptive as these feelings are I have welcomed them without any cause for concern or alarm.

When placed in a happy space and position with life you welcome anything that brings a smile upon your face. Whenever I made attempts at deciding how life would occur and happen for me, I noticed life simply stalled and cut off on me. It wasn’t fair to be going through these life motions, but in order for me to be perfectly present in my now- these life happenings needed to occur. I am thankful and graced with the tools to acknowledge life, before it passed me by entirely.

It was within the unknown that I knew everything would be ok. It’s within the vulnerability that I also knew that everything would find its right position in life and take its well-deserved stance. It’s also within the belief that perhaps this time I got it right, my mindset welcomed it more.

So within the cast shadows and the distant memories stillness has enveloped me.


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