There is more to the Hearts eye, that matches the minds eye...which then becomes the window to our Soul-

Having taking the time to literally battle myself with the idea of the inevitable, I have finally allowed the existence of what was meant to be be. As it became I started to literally think about the numerous times when all I wanted to do was guide and direct it to where it needed to be. Well received by me, with an open heart and wings of best intentions. There would be no need to allow anything to unsettle my mind and the devised plan that I prepared before me. As with everything I assumed life would be controlled and sustainable and something that I could literally guide to it's fruition, and so everything appeared to have gone easily until my heart decided to literally defy the magnetic fields of pull...

 If love could be tested and bought to the attention to all as a scientific reasoning of it's study, then I would be the prime candidate for observation. I would literally give all my experiences and sense of self to have my love measured. When I sought love I was nearly blinded by my passionate need to have everything I wanted raised up before me in the best visual field, so I could exam everything all at once and make my decisions, but this time love was cast to me unknowingly. I knew him, but I didn't really know him. My desire for him continued to grow and build, but as my desire and interests in others remained his love shined differently and more vibrantly. A complicated and less expected love was placed before me, and I willingly started to allow it to seep in. Everything that I had previously experienced with other forms of love, other peoples when in love and my reactions to other types of love when I was in love was not met with opened arms...everything that I knew before about love and my experience within love was forever erased.

 I write this out and can title it blind faith, but yet I welcome it into my life. A life that was rather complicated in the thickening of romance and relationships, a life that was less travelled by the faintest heart...but yet I continued to rise to the occasion and ride the waves of truth. I would not allow my weakened stance within the realms of a lover's arm to deter me. I would not. As easily as a blackboard was cleared and erased so was my hardened heart and the previous years and experiences to date.

As easy as a magic wand being waved before my very own eyes my heart was freed, and within the
freedom my heart allowed for you to exist. You comfort me in my time of need. When I reach out to you, you allow yourself to be fully present even when your constraints and earthly vibrations afford you many places to be, but yet you remain at home with me. How is it that you are compromised, but yet you walk freely around as if there is no barrier between you and I? How is it that I finally feel safe and content within your arms, and know no other in such a short time?

 There could be no love greater than a blinded love with the emphasis and respect of a higher love.


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