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It has always been you: The Fact Is I Need You

The emotional ties that I have with you has reached it's the upper echelon of no turning back, and in knowing this aspect of the connective ties that we share; just yesterday everything was put in perspective for me. I take nothing for granted and even in the midst of lost translation as we communicate strifes and difficulties the reality of this situation has reaffirmed my admiration and continued love for you.

It's my yearning to perfect this newly shared experience on life, and love and everything in between. I have always held an interest in the mythical maintained relationship via main stream outlet examples; but yet I did not have the opportunity to truly grow in the midst of a marked and expected relationship. I continued to dream independently in hopes that one day I would meet my significant other and know exactly what to do when he arrived, but yet everything I am doing and saying has come with strife and at times not a sense of mass appeal, but misunderstanding and…