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Lips licked: Babe

I want no held hands, no locked stares or connective caresses that beg for you to question me anymore. I don't want gentle kisses, I want my lips to be broken into, as your thieving tongue becomes the knife to my aching legs that slowly begin to part. I want you inside of me. I.WANT.YOU.INSIDE.OF.ME....I can't control the emotions that have left my thoughts and wavered all the way down the middle of my body as intense lust and deepened emotions drain even more to pool between my already dampened thighs...Laying my head all the way back and allowing you to center yourself in the midst and middle of me as we become a uniformed movement of ever so deepened thrusts.

He is more than extended months clipping a year. He has become a valued person within my life, which equals our shared time. The differences that have mounted next to us individually have not overwhelmed us, and for that I have become humble and super appreciative of you and me and our time together as we grow in stre…