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Hello September: Good Bye distant memory!

I knew he was not who he said he was, but what he wanted me to believe he was. He wanted me to believe that he was my future, and that I would have him in increments and that he would tell me exactly how our relationship would go!
“And then when I woke up from that dream” the reality of the situation was put before me and I saw everything for what it was and what it was not going to become in my life. I promised myself that I would have a healthy relationship, based on positive interactions with my significant other. I would have a healthy respect for my relationship and I would want to continue to nurture and develop my relationships based on independent and joint successes. I would value the ability for me and my lover to blossom together, and for us to work as a team. The love that would be built from time, committed peace, hope and vibes so clear nothing could steer us away from our established love, but as I laid down these foundations of thought to bring fourth for a future re…