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Allowing the Heart to speak volumes

There has never been a time when I left life questioning my own individual of recent. There hasn't been an occurrence when I literally was left impaled by a of recent.So I am sticking to current feelings and know what's best in my life and for my life. A fleeting love will never suit me, an undefined love with no grasp on mutual satisfaction will never keep me. An in the moment love will never matter to me, because my passions before and after will matter more. 
The reality is I love someone else. I have loved him for awhile, and I denied him for awhile, but I compared the price of my love for another and it just didn't match. To play in love and pretend to be in love is just something I could never do. To grow in love and want a love from you is something I can not do.  As you read this I want you to ask yourself was it ever love or you loved someone you thought you would never have? As hard as that is to say it was difficult for me to write. I bar…


You open my door and walk towards me...I am lying on my bed partially dressed and awaiting your longed for touch.

I don't know if it was the combination of the music and pepperment oil, but all I know is that my body was guided to complete satisfaction by you. My body and your body combined to bring the intensity of an unbreakable bond between us. I longed to touch you and embrace you and kiss you...I don't have to tell you how I liked to be touched, because you already know this. I don't have to adjust my own comfort levels, because I already know you. Lovers from before and after, lovers continually seeking out each other, lovers loving one another.

The after effects of your touches is irreplacable. I slept so soundly next to you. I stayed up until your breathing relaxed and your sleep induced snores began. our bodies beside one another in still induced unison. I am comforted with and within you, and during our passion induced state I forgot just how much I had missed…

You Ready Baby...

I could absolutely eat you alive. I could lick my lips and recall each thrust you made within the depths of my feminine passions. I could lick a path down from your cheek to chin to the side of your neck and slowly encircle my lips around your nipples, to slowly guide my lips and kisses to your manly pleasure and passion...

I absolutely adore the eroticism of you. I simply adore the contentment and kept feeling of being surrounded by you. Held and encircled in your strong embrace. You not wavering with your emotional connection and obvious adoration of and for me. I allow myself to slip into your embrace.

To make believe that you was just a figment of my passion teased and longed for desired mind...I finally caught a glimpse of the superior feeling of unbridled desires. I wasted no time wanting my body to connect and feel yours. I waited up and planned my erotic night, knowing that you would not leave any place on my body untouched, unlicked and unkissed.

I could simply give up my …