You open my door and walk towards me...I am lying on my bed partially dressed and awaiting your longed for touch.

I don't know if it was the combination of the music and pepperment oil, but all I know is that my body was guided to complete satisfaction by you. My body and your body combined to bring the intensity of an unbreakable bond between us. I longed to touch you and embrace you and kiss you...I don't have to tell you how I liked to be touched, because you already know this. I don't have to adjust my own comfort levels, because I already know you. Lovers from before and after, lovers continually seeking out each other, lovers loving one another.

The after effects of your touches is irreplacable. I slept so soundly next to you. I stayed up until your breathing relaxed and your sleep induced snores began. our bodies beside one another in still induced unison. I am comforted with and within you, and during our passion induced state I forgot just how much I had missed you, and even in our time apart our bodies never strayed away. I did wonder if perhaps we would be clumsy restless newly found lovers, attempting to figure out our bodies, but low and behold when our intimacy and passion began to build there was nothing that I had forgotton, nor you.

Trail kisses up and down my spin, my hair all in my face, your arms moving up and down my sides, cupping my full breasts and erect nipples. You turn me over and lay me on my back and suckle my breasts..each breasts recieving absolutely the most attention as one another. You lick and suck the in between of chest and move your mouth ever so lower. The pleasure recieved from YOUR mouth, tongue, lips and hands to your fingertips moved me to convulsions. You spread and enter me. You guide and tease me. You place pressure ON ME and hold me. You bind and unbind me. I ride you. I cum for you. I cum for me.


Lost of words, and absolute lost for control. Our bodies battled one another until utter completion.


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