You Ready Baby...

I could absolutely eat you alive. I could lick my lips and recall each thrust you made within the depths of my feminine passions. I could lick a path down from your cheek to chin to the side of your neck and slowly encircle my lips around your nipples, to slowly guide my lips and kisses to your manly pleasure and passion...

I absolutely adore the eroticism of you. I simply adore the contentment and kept feeling of being surrounded by you. Held and encircled in your strong embrace. You not wavering with your emotional connection and obvious adoration of and for me. I allow myself to slip into your embrace.

To make believe that you was just a figment of my passion teased and longed for desired mind...I finally caught a glimpse of the superior feeling of unbridled desires. I wasted no time wanting my body to connect and feel yours. I waited up and planned my erotic night, knowing that you would not leave any place on my body untouched, unlicked and unkissed.

I could simply give up my wandering and unsatisifed affections just to engulf and experience a life time of YOU. So drawn and concrete on my physical attraction and continued interest and aroused state when I am around you...I have become captivated and a slave to your body and passions.

Wanting and needing and desiring you all in one setting. Could I still absolutely
eat you alive?

Allow me to chase my kisses onto your body with well placed licks and sucks. Delving and tasting as if I am never to experience this again. It almost feels this way when we have completed our union and lay holding onto each others sex sweated sides.

My morning touches begins with you, and my night wishes end with you.


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