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Got A Secret Can You Keep It: Summer Amor

The Universal pull to have everything within your grasp has never been so proven true to me until my recent life happenings, and yet I remain truly graced and thankful and honored for the ability to have life happen to me and for me. It’s as if all my wishes and thought to dreams have all come absolutely true when I trust in the universal pull of life happenings.
A blast from the past afforded me a memory to recollect a time in my life where I was just learning the essence of being an adult, and learning adult relationships and guiding my passions in life as to where they wanted to be, and so the opportunity presented itself and I simply allowed life to happen. This guaranteed nothing, but it expressed everything. I absolutely went with what I was feeling. Emotionally sound for absolutely anything!

I listened. I reasoned. I acknowledged. I validated.

No longer was my past a memory, but it was right before me, and I did not allow my feelings to best me, but I allowed my feelings to grant m…

A Bump In The Road has revealed my love style and passions for you.

A bump in the road is like a imploding groceries eggs cracked on the floor, the oranges went rolling down the aisle and the gallon of milk kindly slide down my leg and pinched my pinky toe, but miraculously it did not burst open. Am I thankful for the accident, or simply in wonderment of where the hell did my luck go?

a SIMPLE mistake could be a costly blow to an emergence of a love like never before.  A reminder that we are no longer just dating ourselves, but we include the wholeness of our partner, and in this inclusion we are bringing along personal passions, personal thoughts and ideas on how their love style is to match, perhaps vibe and at times overwhelm our very own concept of a dual role within passion.

Sometimes I can be selfish, and at other times I can simply want to just please you...but there is nothing like satisfying your very own inner cravings at meeting your most desired passions, or harboring a secret of your lover, in memory of your lover from your l…

It's within your exit that has afforded me the ability to reclaim my L.O.V.E

A lover once presented himself to me, and in his presentation he unfolded in so many which of ways that I no longer could tell where he started and where he ended. And so, as my lover transformed before me and his body movements I could no longer mimic, love style and even love language changed up continually, and yet here I remained consistently confused with my impressions received and regenerated from my limited interactions with him and called this love. Deciding to continue to make my most attempts at deciphering his unique love code I no longer felt my feet on the ground, but my body becoming elevated straight on up in the air, as if my decent upward was a shot straight from the arrows of Cupid. These emotions where chemically induced toxicity, which invaded my entire senses and corrupted everything within me. A few days of interest turned into weeks of unrequited passion to months of burgeoning love to the cold hard fast spilt of a passing year gone bad.
This moment in my lif…