A Bump In The Road has revealed my love style and passions for you.

A bump in the road is like a imploding groceries basket...my eggs cracked on the floor, the oranges went rolling down the aisle and the gallon of milk kindly slide down my leg and pinched my pinky toe, but miraculously it did not burst open. Am I thankful for the accident, or simply in wonderment of where the hell did my luck go?

a SIMPLE mistake could be a costly blow to an emergence of a love like never before.  A reminder that we are no longer just dating ourselves, but we include the wholeness of our partner, and in this inclusion we are bringing along personal passions, personal thoughts and ideas on how their love style is to match, perhaps vibe and at times overwhelm our very own concept of a dual role within passion.

Sometimes I can be selfish, and at other times I can simply want to just please you...but there is nothing like satisfying your very own inner cravings at meeting your most desired passions, or harboring a secret of your lover, in memory of your lover from your lover...not out of spite or to blackmail them or perhaps display the memory of them to everyone, but to put a time capsule on a moment in your shared time that they were vulnerable to you. A moment where they meant everything to you.

In your stillness I captured your peace and calm. Your love spread amongst your body from head to toe, as if it were your angelical wings. As your breath labored a rhythmic breeze of a distinct in and out, I was lost in your closed eyes. Once they opened I would no longer be able to look away from you, because once I look at you I never want to turn away.

I capture your pictures because out of everyone I have ever loved I was never able to get a clear cut memory of experiencing a life moment with them. It seemed as if my relationship with whomever I held a distinct interest with wasn't something I wanted to capture naturally until now.

Let me count the ways...


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