To this I say YES

How long can someone go without that intimate and passionate connection experienced only with someone truly desired and loved. How long can your mind and body sustain itself based on empty touch’s, little to none kissing and embraces of the entwined bodies. How long can one go with facing their lover not directly in the face, but placing their face to the side of their lover, or not taking pleasure in opening their eyes and being intimately captured and pulled further towards your lover. It was once said and possibly still believed by many, that the key to someone’s soul and life’s omission is to look someone deeply and directly into their eyes, but what does this myth or urban legend say for someone who can’t stare and look their lover(s) in the eyes. What does this say about someone who can’t find that sense of escapism in someone else’s eyes, but close their very own to not look forward or into their partner(s) eyes……is that telling of the disconnection?

Possibly a recipe for disaster and impending future missed moments and a diagnosis of a life emotionally challenged and sexually stagnated. Oh you will have that sought for orgasm, and the moment(s) when your body is literally out-of-control, however, how long can sustain this reality without thinking and feeling the possibilities and maybe’s of a mutually passionate filled life.

I can only tell you what role passion has played in my life when I had experienced it. I was happier than ever before, and connected to my lover like never before. I was relaxed, confident in my relationship and the intimacy that was continuously building each day and night. The build up was the desired for effect with an outcome of full blazoned love. To look your partner in his eyes and lay down your love as if it was your life was the ultimate sacrifice and opening line to a life of love and happiness, but when that passion and fire leaves you and you are left sitting in front of a cold fixture of a flame; then and only then will you feel hollow and penetrable.

The echo of DESIRE riddles my mind and sifts through my soul. I am torn between do I continue to sample and look for that love, that partner, that moment and experience in my life? Or do I pretend to not feel these desires, and just push right along through life taking and experiencing the limited love and missed attempts at intimacy life has to offer? Or perhaps I isolate my heart and emotions and attempt to remain locked, until an ideal key finds it’s way to my chained heart? Do I deny or go into denial?

Whose to say that we all have the answers to these unresolved and confusing life moments, but what I will say is that my heart is aching for that passion, and love. Coming from someone who feeds off of emotions, intimacy and love…….I ache.

Lesson Eighty-Eight: You asked you desired.
I still know what I want and desire for, and although I haven’t received it as of yet, I stand true to my dreams and beliefs that you will receive everything desired and sought for, you understand and respect your needs and know your wants, so what is stopping you? And to that I answer….Nothing and No one.


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