Watching her Journey

Wide eyed and always looking for the best of each and every situation life has to offer you. Your inner yearnings are stirring you to transition and changes. I am watching her journey and progressive succession. In humbleness come life wisdom and the keys to her eternal happiness. A trendsetter and beating to the sound of her own drums, hear her beat. Hearing the broken tone of your voice allowed me to sense your discomfort and pain with parting with a piece of you. We all identify with something that stirs and compels a part of our personality, and when it’s gone we wonder and question if we departed along with it? You then question a women’s worth….your beauty and image and what other’s will see when they look and glance at you. All of these thoughts rush through your head, and as you made your way to your destination you started listening to the imagined slights and stares of displeasure. Then you recall what brought you to this point in your life and self-journey. Impulsiveness or God’s child finding her yellow brick road one may say. Each step you take make eye contact with each and everyone you desire to. You didn’t just cut your hair you cut a new piece of that sweet life apple pie! You made a decision to shake the shit out of your world and watch what happens. You put yourself first this time. Not thinking about what the magazine’s want, or what’s the latest trend online or offline. You put yourself first! You matter. So the journey begins of freeing your mind and the rest following. Discovering your inner strengths and talents and prepping yourself for the journey ahead you stand firm and balanced. Turning fear into triumphant situations and challenging yourself to stand the test of time, you are already in the winner circle. So as I watch this journey I will take note of a separation of one self from an assumed identity. I will take from this as someone seeking who they are by peeling down each layer with a change here and there. I will see the journey blossom and bloom ahead of self actualization, built confidence and the blossoming of not only an amazing human being, but my better half go to life guide sister and best friend. I salute her on her journey and will be there each step of the way.


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