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Road Block: A Lover's Twisted Tale of the Journey

No matter how much space you put between yourself and your emotional baggage you then begin to realize that what you never really gotten over or found some closure with will always remain a disruptive something that will taunt your future love objectives.

What I am realizing is that there is so many endings to my most vivid life stories, but yet I am making my most attempt to sort everything out. I have loyalty to my own personal feelings, deeply imbedded in being my main provider and cheerleader and flower child at heart, while retaining a radical and at times determined lover of life and everything in it's most passionate presence stance.

At this time I am thinking that life is so amazing, but yet it has some challenging fits. When you attempt to find placement for some within your lives span and heart everything begins to lose focus and all clarity and vision sustained has ended. All I am left with are my thoughts, my ideas and most basic concepts about love, life and the purs…

Acting the way I want to feel

To feel your welcoming kiss or the tightened embrace from your arms cinched tightly around my waist as I look directly back at you and then upwards towards the caption-less skies. The limits are never ending and the perks are unlimited.

I am embracing love as never before. So many times I have embraced negative people with their negative feelings and emotionally draining and gut wrenching lives, but yet my life never even mirrored their very own nightmares, but I was soon quickly captured in an unplanned reckless dream. So as easily as I practiced melancholy or silently slipped into the emotional vacuums of others, the forgotten idea of creating my own destiny and living my best life yet was placed on hold.

As I allowed my emotional being to be challenged and even simply pressed open by the impressions of others, the dream of simply existing in this chaotic world was being smothered, until the saying "Act the way I want to feel" literally swept me away and challenged my ver…