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Clearing out another year, and so it begins

My year was a tumultuous one, filled with heart ache and personal triumphs. So many changes that has literally left me gasping for air, but yet I stand. A stance garnered by failure, disappointment and misconceptions. A heart left to plunge deeper into the depths of self imposed solace, because no one has calmed my inner storm. Are they to rescue me? What exactly am I looking for... As my favorite holiday starts to set the stage for upcoming New Year, so will I set a standard for betterment of self and more.  Although I am licking my self inflicted love wounds, I haven't entirely settled as of yet.  I look to the sky and all the stars above and I know that everything will be ok.

Silent all these Years...

My heart wasn't entirely present today. My mind was readily available, and it was determined to gather everything it had collected in it's defense. My mind was unsettled and not confidant in the few experiences that have guided it's present state. Unbeknown to what my lips would spill forth, the nervous tension and ambivalence in my stance became even more obvious. Yes, something was going to be told and it wasn't something that would crack smiles to ashen faces. It was neither something that would cause for celebration and admiration in ones inspiration. It was painful, it was difficult but yet it had to be done.

The build up was intense. The mindset was fixed and the heart was hiccuping perplexities. Angina attacks appeared as if the room was spinning. Everything was unsettling. A thought, a reason as to why...just everything was unstable, but yet it had to be spoken.

I felt the most fearful feelings mixed with extreme let down and disappointment within s…

The UN-Conditional heart

When the stakes get high you are forced to dig deeper and go further within to pull yourself out of a love ridden war zone. When you begin to fear the walls of lust caving in on you, and the reality of what is to be phasing away, what are you left to do? Just recently I witnessed a side of myself that I haven’t touched upon in sometime. I was frustrated and stunted in regards to the recent happenings in my life. I was a volatile storm just brewing in the midst of my darkened days and endless nights. Fresh off disappointment, work related stress, dreams and the reality of some dreams appearing far-fetched I turned within and realized I was not alone. I was in a relationship. I signed on to this and I began to experience the hopes and dreams of new found passion and love. Everything was an open book including my life woes and problems, when they did not exist, but once they started to surface I immediately ran deeply within myself, wishing to ride this wave alone. I stand corrected…my l…

He mattered

He is showing me things about my love I had no knowledge of. He is showing me things about my love I never dreamed about. He is showing me things about my love I could only experience with him.
I realized that within my vulnerability I saw a glimmer of my strength. I actualized a feeling that I assumed would be listlessly lost with my admission of longing for him. 
I longed for him like no other. I day dreamed about him and recalled an exquisite experience that bonded us together, although it has been a transitional struggle for my mind to finally allow him to seep in I welcomed him.
He is my lover and souls surrender. He is my guide and man of my dream. He is no longer a lettered fantasy, but everything I desire and more.
I sleep to dream for my lover meets me there!

It was all a Dream

I welcomed this month with a sense of unkempt reservations. I have not attained a sense of balance, and so far I have been off kilter and not centered as much. I could pin point particulars, but nothing to define these moments that have led up to my current state of moody contemplation! I like the way that sounds! Although nothing is set in stone and everything and everyone is subject to transitions and changes, it still remains an adjustment to be swallowed within. It can be troubling and mind consuming. The emotions associated with strife, best intentions and not knowing a possible outcome can be unsettling at best. Then again everything that’s unresolved and left to willow itself in the deadened air is not a comforting feeling. But as with everything lived it’s a learning experience and within my unease and discomfort I continue to smile, for the missed placed intimacy and mood breaking kisses, to the resolved issue that left me raw and uncomfortable, to then feel blanketed in love…