It was all a Dream

I welcomed this month with a sense of unkempt reservations. I have not attained a sense of balance, and so far I have been off kilter and not centered as much. I could pin point particulars, but nothing to define these moments that have led up to my current state of moody contemplation! I like the way that sounds! Although nothing is set in stone and everything and everyone is subject to transitions and changes, it still remains an adjustment to be swallowed within. It can be troubling and mind consuming. The emotions associated with strife, best intentions and not knowing a possible outcome can be unsettling at best. Then again everything that’s unresolved and left to willow itself in the deadened air is not a comforting feeling. But as with everything lived it’s a learning experience and within my unease and discomfort I continue to smile, for the missed placed intimacy and mood breaking kisses, to the resolved issue that left me raw and uncomfortable, to then feel blanketed in love and understanding. It all makes senses when it’s experienced, even unsettling as it may be and seem. I fear not.


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