Hello September: Good Bye distant memory!

I knew he was not who he said he was, but what he wanted me to believe he was. He wanted me to believe that he was my future, and that I would have him in increments and that he would tell me exactly how our relationship would go!

“And then when I woke up from that dream” the reality of the situation was put before me and I saw everything for what it was and what it was not going to become in my life. I promised myself that I would have a healthy relationship, based on positive interactions with my significant other. I would have a healthy respect for my relationship and I would want to continue to nurture and develop my relationships based on independent and joint successes. I would value the ability for me and my lover to blossom together, and for us to work as a team. The love that would be built from time, committed peace, hope and vibes so clear nothing could steer us away from our established love, but as I laid down these foundations of thought to bring fourth for a future relationship I began realistically comparing my experience to date with this “attempted significant other” and well he absolutely was fitting the love standards.

Come to think of it, if a male or female wants you to compromise your personal beliefs, thoughts and relationship goals and wants then you might want to check in with yourself first, because it’s a compromise you might not want to make!

I realized that he not only wanted me to compromise my relationship beliefs, but he wanted me to become a secondary figure in his life. I would simply be left to his inconvenient schedule. My time would not matter unless it fit his needs. My time would not be valued unless he saw the benefit in the experience based on his needs. This is coming from someone I knew for years, someone whom I had fallen in love with and experienced vacations and joint ventures with. The past was easily forgotten, and this present image of him totally left me humble, because it was ok to absolutely disregard him as anything more than that distant memory.  A simple response to him basically informed him that I would respect his relationship even though he obviously did not, and that I only wanted his friendship from afar…I would not be secondary in anyone’s life and if I wasn’t recognized as a primary figure in his life then I would simple go on.

That’s what I did with a simple end all text message! No I wasn’t expecting a call or a reply back I just simply let it be.

                                      Hello September I said and goodbye distant memory!


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