TIME is the Ultimate healer of all: Learning to age and love with grace.

Noticing in life everything happens within reason, and that there is a sense of responsibility and control we must have in order to see our most interesting life and circumstantial outcomes to occur; we have to experience life in every given moment. So in this given moment I decided to progress forward within my life experiences. Everything is up for review within the eyes of others, but within my very own eyes I have already decided that this moment in my life I will pursue and go forward with what has been naturally planned. The fear and doubt that resides within me will always surface to the top, but the design of my life and most passionate physical and mental connected experience to date has arrived, and I am already at this station ready to hop on this life train!

When reviewing my previous state of mind throughout my 32 years of living and loving life, and looking back at partnerships, relationship and intimate experiences that have left me emotionally available and open for so much more than I was ready to experience at that time, but then now I look at everything that is placed before me and I say to myself it has been handled previously within my life experience, but now life history repeats itself and I must make myself available for these lesson to be learned! I believe that everyone enters your life for a reason and the more you learn and study from the person the more your life lessons will be revealed to you. My sense of attracting uncensored, unloved or unloving hearts or emotionally indifferent lovers bothered me at one time. I thought there must have been a sign on my forehead stating that I am a 24/7 social worker for all, but yet I continued to attract the “type” until I started looking within. Everything that is clear is neither clean or streak free from dirty residue.

 No one particular moment in life is perfect, and neither is anyone so it’s a matter of learning about your lover, taking what you need from them and figuring out if this attracting soul fits within your life fold…taking this step and looking from within and gathering my emotional self and expecting a different outcome, allowed my heart and mind to settle on the notion of a no conditions kind of love! It took me years to get to this point, but I am aware of myself and moving forward with level of understanding of personalities outside of my very own, and never being disappointed in the blessings in disguise and life changes. I have an open mind and an open heart and I am eager to love and learn about the happiness of this life. The upsetting point can occur when I think about how long it has taken me to get to this point in my existence, but then I think to myself that I would have not been able to handle these life responsibilities years ago, so I am thankful for the aged gap and the wisdom and knowledge! Learning to experience a love like no other is in fact a challenge to the senses.

 A compromised love can have you rethinking your place in life and within the moments of your choosing, but then you realize that there always will be you before and after the love, and you must hold true to your individual beliefs although life, emotions, love and the art of mastering love is always something that sets your heart to the wind. Everything is meant to be experienced. Everything is meant to be challenged; otherwise it would not be LIVING!


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