Lesson Learned

No cares in the world has caused a downfall of self. A downfall of self with an iconic imagery of the Peter Pan life just met a reality check. No one is ever prone from the ill effects of life and that once assumed ideal and realism expected from the one(s) you held faith in let you down the most. Never counting on anyone but yourself remains the true answer to your most inner asked life question. In so I say believe in you, for in me I will always remain free and true.

Taking from this experience it was a lesson learned. Not something that I would readily want to grow from, but it was a learning curve that caught me mid spiral. Freeing is the ability to clarify the issue at hand, but lasting is the damage that was created at hand. There is nothing further or anything additional to add, but it was experienced, faced and closed.

I don’t wear a scarlet letter no more.

Closure to this point in my life has created an opening of my eyes.

A night’s pleasure is not worth a lifetime of headaches. An assumed dream is not worth the downplaying of your current every day. One sided relationships are the cause of the ill adventures and the heartache. Allowing the deserving in true to value you is beautiful. A brief fall from grace, but thought upon and searched upon I head back in its way.

Thankful it was one sided and one way. Thankful the hardship of such an experience and trying time lasted less than 48 hours of a mind fuck. Time is of essence when life is loved and lived, but time is not of essence when it’s wasted.

Thank you to the needed ass kick to let the fast lane slowly go.


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