What separates me from the others......ORIGINAL!

Talent can be measured and monitored for just so long, but creativity is the birthing of a designed place in your existence as the artistic one. Everyone wants to copy and replicate and change up a previous concept, into a more modern and conditioned viewpoint, however, honestly speaking it all is the same.
What separates me from the others? I live my pain, and in my pain came the ideas to write about my transition from previous thoughts and assumptions, to currently based experiences in progress. Nothing was taken from anyone’s personal experiences and fine tuned into something to be portrayed and fitted into my ideals and now.
Everything written was a part of me. I liken that part of me to a snake shedding its skin, and with each skin shed each experience coiled and folded around me and beckoned a new journey. So when I ask “What separates me from the others?” I answer back proudly “The ability to remain original.” Hands all the way down!
Original. Originality. Being true to your inner deepest belief set and ideals. Idolizing others, but in a modest and respectful manner. Taking from experience and learned knowledge to continue to develop and grow you. New Growth, some may say, but talent in the midst of altruistic and artistic value. Original is never stamped, but a stapler of truth. Stay true!


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