The Struggle.......Humble

Cementing your footsteps into the walkway of life has never looked so challenging as it does now. Each moment is characterized from a struggle or stressor that is then toppled over by life. The exhaled breath is lessened and pressure has risen. Can this be? As I make it through another day I question myself, and reason as to why I must continually find myself in these situations. The angst I put myself through. You then begin to wonder why we live our lives as such? Can this be? If given the opportunity to start anew and fresh would I transition and change my life? For each experience faced and expressed I thank you. I draw from humility and gather my strength. A hard lesson learned, but a decided pathway to freedom. Each struggle is building the momentum to pursue and push past whatever was paining me. Embracing hardship is not necessarily laying down to it either. I just decided I no longer want to run away from the problems, because I am the problem. Self created. Taking a bow to responsibilities and life.


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